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In recent years there has been a tremendous revival of interest in basket making. Day, evening and weekend courses are in great demand. More and more basket makers are growing their own willows in many different colours. Inspiring exhibitions such as "Contemporary International Basket-making" and "Crossover" have attracted wide audiences all over the country and basket-making is alive and well. It’s here to stay.

The reasons for this upsurge in interest are many; the reaction against mass produced plastic consumer items, and the need to connect to a more natural positive process. The basket-maker is transported to a timeless place where the process of weaving has a calming and fundamental effect on mood and state of mind.

And of course the irresistible feel and scent of willow and other weaving materials and the desire to take part in one of the oldest crafts known to man are just some of them.

All the willow used is grown in the shadow of the Welsh mountains using only organic methods to produce a wide range of textures and colours to create stunning results.